14 Vintage Web Photo Frames


14 Vintage Web Photo Frames by Mila Vasileva

14 Vintage Web Photo Frames by Mila Vasileva

7 Gemstone Web Photo Frames

  • Black Marble Frame
  • Coral Frame
  • Gold Plated Frame
  • Ivory Frame
  • King Amber Frame
  • Lazurite Frame
  • Malachite Frame

7 Genuine Wood Web Photo Frames

  • Bird`s Eye Maple Frame
  • Cherry Frame
  • Mahogany Frame
  • Oak Frame
  • Olive Frame
  • Rosewood Frame
  • Walnut Frame

Default size - 480x640 pixels.
All frames are made by hand in Adobe Photoshop.

Each package contains:

  • Layered .psd file - Adobe Photoshop CS or higher.
    Frames are grouped and named.
    Each frame has 5 separate layers - whole frame, top, bottom, left and right side.
    Each frame can be resized just by simple move of sides.
  • 7 transparent .png images of each frame
  • 7 .jpeg files of each frame (white background)


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14 Vintage Web Photo Frames
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